1.     Present general conditions govern relationships between the lessee and the lessor.

The following stipulations consitute a supplement to the tenancy agreement and shall be considered as part of said contract.

2.     Reservation

The tenancy agreement shall only be materialized after the signing of the tenancy agreement by the lessee. Signing the tenancy agreement implicates the acceptance of the rules and regulations.

The lessee is to settle the rent within 14 days following the establishment of the contract and not later than 30 days following the inception of the said agreement. Should the lessor not receive said advance within this term, the contract shall be legally dissolved and the lessor shall reserve the right to let the holiday house again during the aforementioned period.

The deposit of 1250 EUROS is to be settled not later than 14 days following the beginning of the rental period. The tenancy agreement shall be dissolved automatically if the deposit has not been fully settled within said period. The deposits shall not be reimbursed in the latter case.

3. Rental term

The lessee moves in on the first day of the rental period, as from 16.30. Should the lessee prefer to move in on an earlier time because of exceptional reasons, he must always ask for the lessor’s approval in advance. Also if the lessee is unable to arrive in a timely manner, he shall inform the proprietor over the phone to arrange a new moment of reception. After 18.00, there is no guarantee for reception at the home. The departure from the holiday home is to happen on the final day of the rental period before 10.30 in the morning

The lessor and the lessee agree on the reception and return of the keys (2 sets). The loss of a set of keys shall lead to a cost of 50 EUROS.

4.    Subletting and transfer

Subletting and transfer of the rent are prohibited.

5.     Tidiness and damages

The lessor attaches a great deal of importance to the tidiness of the home. This means, among other things, that the household goods must not be moved. The in-house regulations must be respected. Damages have to be reported to the lessor immediately. Small accidents may occur, but immediate repairs prevent more severe damage.

An inventory is present at the home. The lessee is obliged to check the correctness and to report any concerns by phone (0032 496 50 51 82) within 24 hours.

Any complaints on the lessee’s end concerning the state and/or tidiness need to be reported to the lessor by telephone on the aforementioned number within 24 hours following the commencement of the rent.

In the absence of any complaints within the aforementioned period, the lessee is considered to have acknowledged the good state, the correctness of the inventory and the general tidiness of the holiday home, including the absence of visible damage or defects to the furniture, sanitary fittings, household appliances. Complaints formulated by the lessee after termination of the rental period shall be dismissed.

The lessee is responsible for the holiday home and its contents, and is expected to utilize these in a tenant-like manner and in accordance with the purpose agreed upon. He shall be obliged to respect all of the guidelines that were handed to him by the lessor. Any cleaning costs that were not included in the total sum are to be paid by the lessee on site. The lessee is to respect the guidelines concerning waste disposal, the stowing away of washing-up and kitchen utensils, the organizing of (garden) furniture, and, more generally, the broom clean state of the holiday home upon departure, irrespective of the fact whether or not the cleaning costs are included in the total price.

Upon departure from the holiday home, the state and tidiness shall be examined by the proprietor. In case the lessee has not, or partially respected the guidelines concerning the cleaning of the holiday home, as well as in case of material damage that is found upon departure of the lessee or during the following cleaning, prior to the arrival of the next lessee, the resulting cost shall be settled on the warranty by partial of full deductment. The potentially positive balance shall be reimbursed to the lessee. In the hypothesis of hidden damages, in case the warranty is integrally reimbursed, or when the in the hypothesis of damage exceeding the amount of the warranty, the lessee is to settle the indebted amount within 8 days following the termination of the rental period.

The lessor reserves the right to terminate present agreement and evict the lessors, when the lessee or a co-lessee has caused severe damage to the holiday home. In said case, the lessor shall not be held accountable for the reimbursement of part of the rents of the remainder of the rental period.

A non-smoking policy is in effect inside the home. Outside of the home, smoking is allowed, although it is the lessee’s responsibility to remove cigarette butts before leaving the holiday home.

Domestic animals, irrespective of their size, are prohibited.

6.     Occupation

The number occupying people is determined by the number of beds; 14. The person who has signed the contract is to be one of them. Every occupant is to comply with the house rules.

7.  Sheets, towels, kitchen towels 

– All beds are fitted with mattress covers

– Eiderdowns and pillows are present
– The lessee has to bring a fitted sheet, eiderdown and pillow case
– As well as kitchen and bathing linen, toilet paper, dishwashing products.

8.  Cancellation

In case of cancellation until 30 days prior to the rental period, 50% of the amount will be charged. In case of cancellation within 30 days prior to the rental period, the entire amount shall be charged. Only urgent reasons can lead to the cancellation of the reservation, upon assessment by the lessor. The lessee has to provide for a potential cancellation insurance himself.

The non-payment of the rental price within 14 days following the establishment of the agreement and/or the non-payment of the warranty 14 days before the start of the rent, shall be considered as a cancellation. In such cases, the rental contract shall be considered as dissolved and the lessor can let the holiday home to third parties.

9. Liability

The lessee is responsible for all damages resulting from his mistakes or negligence, as well as all damage resulting from the non-compliance with his contractual obligations. He shall also be held accountable for the damage caused by fellow travellers and persons he allows inside the holiday home. He is also responsible for accidents in or around the house. The lessee also takes all necessary precautions to prevent accidents (supervision!).

10.  Access to the holiday home

It is forbidden to organize bachelor parties, parties and similar events in our holiday home. You are to comply with the domestic rules at all times. We can refuse lessees on the ground of these reasons at all times.

11. Circumstances beyond one’s control

The lessor shall not be held responsible for the unavailability or premature termination of the rental agreement resulting from every event, of this type or nature, without limitations, that are beyond his control.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Belgian law is applicable to present agreement. All disputes resulting from its existence, interpretation or execution that cannot be settled by mutual agreement, shall be presented to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Bruges district, where the holiday home is located.